PCA 2023: Perdomo

Arthur Kemper, vice president of Perdomo Cigars, talks about the new Perdomo 30th Anniversary from the company’s booth at the 2023 PCA Convention & Trade Show.

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What Is a Cigar?

A cigar is a cylindrical roll of tobacco leaves tied together with a band and wrapped in an outer layer. Unlike cigarettes, which are manufactured with ingredients and additives that make them more palatable, cigars are handmade using only pure, unadulterated tobacco. As such, they’re often a more expensive indulgence.

Cigars require time and care to produce, and they’re best enjoyed when smoked at a leisurely pace. They’re also an excellent way to socialize, whether you’re sharing a stogie with a friend or relaxing with a good book.

Ideally, cigars are aged after fermentation. This process helps to polish and mature the flavors of the tobacco and helps to rid them of vegetal, or “green,” notes. Cigars that are not properly aged can have a harsh, bitter taste and smell.

If you’re new to cigar smoking, it may take a little trial and error to find the right ones for you. Experiment with different sizes and brands to see what tastes best to you, and be sure to keep track of the ones that you really like.

It’s important to remember that cigars can have negative health effects, especially if you smoke more than you can handle or do it regularly. In addition, cigars are not subject to clean indoor air laws like cigarette smoking is, so it’s important to be mindful of how many you smoke and where you smoke them.

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