Parents, this one is for you! 👇

Does your child complain about being hungry all the time? Does your child have a hard time focusing in class? Or maybe your child has outbursts of anger? (🥳FREE meal plan at the bottom of this post 🥳)

Anger issues, weight gain, and learning difficulties among children can manifest in various ways. Often, these patterns stem from underlying nutritional deficiencies that hinder proper brain function. Incorporating a sustained diet rich in essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, can help brain health and help mitigate these problems.

Below you will find a meal plan. This specific meal plan is for a 13-year-old boy weighing 100lbs or 45kg (The typical average)

You will notice the provided macros offer a greater volume of food and more nutrients while offering more sustained energy on a much lower calorie intake.

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Meal plan: 👇

Meal 1:
1 white bread (toasted)
2 whole medium eggs (boiled)
100g turkey bacon (cook without oils)
10g unsalted butter (real butter, NOT health spreads or Lurpak)
150ml orange juice (100% pure)

Meal 2:
1 white wrap
1 cup lettuce
50g chopped tomatoes
1 tablespoon mayo
150g chicken thigh (weigh cooked)
1 rasher streaky bacon (cook without oils)
30g cheddar cheese

Meal 3:
150g basmati rice (weigh cooked)
20g mild nandos sauce
150g chicken breast (weigh cooked)

Meal 4:
15g honey
100g Greek yogurt
10g peanut butter
20g 70% dark chocolate

Total calories: 1947

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