Stanford Newman’s Annual Birthday Smoke 2023

Join Eric, Bobby and Drew Newman as they come together in Stanford’s old office to enjoy a Birthday Smoke in celebration of Stanford’s 107th birthday and answer 3 questions about their beloved father and grandfather, our 2nd generation owner, Stanford Newman.

Happy 107th birthday, Stanford! We thank you for the incredible obstacles you overcame to relocate J.C. Newman Cigar Co. to Cigar City, Tampa, Florida and the many triumphs you achieved during your lifetime. We smoke to you today and every day!


Why Smoke a Cigar?

Whether you’re looking to indulge in an everyday smoke or enjoy a premium cigar for a special occasion, there are many reasons why you might reach for a stogie instead of a cigarette. Cigars are handmade entirely from tobacco leaves, and unlike a cigarette that contains shredded tobacco, steams, and byproducts wrapped in paper, cigars contain only whole leaves.

In the case of a quality cigar, the leaf serves as an expressive medium to communicate the tobacco’s aroma and flavor. Premium cigarmakers carefully tend to their crops, making every effort to ensure consistent quality. However, like fine wine, there will be slight differences from year to year, as crop quality is dependent on weather and soil conditions.

The heart of a cigar consists of the filler, which is composed of a variety of different tobaccos to achieve the desired strength and flavor. A full-bodied blend will typically contain more ligero tobacco, the darkest and most oily leaves that are closer to the top of the plant; less powerful tobacco leaves grown lower down on the plant, and categorized as visos or secos, are used in medium-bodied cigars.

Cigars are often viewed as sophisticated and masculine, and are commonly smoked for special occasions or as a symbol of wealth. Cigar smoking provides a social activity that brings smokers together, allowing them to relax and unwind over an enjoyable pastime. While there are some negatives to smoking, it’s important to remember that occasional cigar smokers are much less likely to experience the problems associated with regular, heavy cigarette use.

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