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The Health Benefits of Smoking Cigars


The Health Benefits of Smoking Cigars

The average cigarette contains 10 mg of nicotine. However, a cigar contains 100mg of nicotine.

Cigars are made from cured tobacco leaves that are rolled into a tight, cylindrical bundle. They are savored for their flavor and aroma. Many are given as gifts for special occasions.

Cigars are derived from the Spanish word cigarro. They are manufactured from leaf tobacco that is grown in the Dominican Republic, Indonesia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Greece, and Cuba.

There are two main types of cigars. Flavored cigars are popular among youth and are also sold in alcoholic beverages. A premium cigar is produced from whole-leaf tobacco and is aged for a long period of time.

Aside from nicotine, there are several other chemicals present in cigars that may increase the risk of cancer. For instance, cigars can cause mouth and throat cancer, and gum disease.

Several studies have linked cigar smoking to increased risks of emphysema and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Cigars are also associated with tooth loss.

Smoking two or more cigars per day can increase the risk of mouth cancer. Also, the resulting nicotine addiction can lead to other health problems.

Cigars have been around for centuries. Their manufacture was introduced to Spain in 1600. After that, they were introduced to Portugal and France. During World War I, thousands of soldiers returned from combat with nicotine addictions.

The prevalence of cigar use in young adults has been higher than cigarette use. While the overall rate has been decreasing, the rates of use among black and Hispanic youth are significantly higher.

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