Vertigo Shark | Review

Over the years, Lotus Group/Integral Logistics has released a variety of cutters with a serrated blade, something very few other companies have done. To date, halfwheel’s reviews of these cutters have not suggested they work better than regular blades. In fact, the results have been worse than many other cigar cutters. Brooks Whittington takes a look at the newest serrated-blade cutter from Lotus’ Vertigo brand, the Shark ($15).


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How Do Cigars Get Made?


How Do Cigars Get Made?

When it comes to cigars, most people know whether they prefer strong, medium, or mild. The terms strength and body refer to the cigar’s inherent intensity. For example, full-bodied cigars have a rich flavor but are not particularly strong. These cigars are a fine choice for anyone who wants a rich, satisfying experience without an overpowering taste. Likewise, mild cigars are a good option for those who don’t smoke heavily, but prefer a smoother cigar.

The production process for cigars begins with the tobacco. Tobacco is grown in large quantities in Central America and the Caribbean. In fact, a large portion of cigar tobacco comes from Costa Rica. Indonesia is another popular country where cigar tobacco is grown. Depending on the type of cigar you prefer, there are a number of steps that take place before the final product is ready for sale.

The smoking of cigars is seen as more elegant than cigarette smoking. It is also more common among men than among women. Smoking cigars is associated with a sexy image and is typically smoked on special occasions, such as weddings or anniversaries. They are a popular means of expression among wealthy people.

There are many ways to reduce exposure to cigar smoke. The first step is to develop a surveillance and evaluation system for tobacco products. It is important to monitor the different types of cigars and identify marketing, advertising, and promotional practices. Using this information, federal agencies should be able to identify strategies to track and regulate the sale of premium cigars. Tobacco products should also be regulated at the state and local level.

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