Waxing Moon Humidor | Review

Waxing Moon is a different humidor maker.

Unlike most humidors advertising Spanish cedar, Waxing Moon using 1/4-inch thick pieces of Spanish cedar for its interiors instead of thin veneers. Unlike pretty much every desktop humidor sold at your local cigar shop, Waxing Moon offers near endless customizations for its humidors. Perhaps most notably, Waxing Moon’s humidors aren’t made on some industrial production line in China, rather, they are made by hand in Minnesota.

All of that would suggest that these humidors would be much more expensive than similar-sized Chinese-made humidors, except it’s not.



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The Different Types of Cigars

Cigars are a popular pastime for many people around the world. They are a great way to relax and unwind after a long day, and they also have some positive effects on your health.

Cigar smoking is an activity that involves rolling a stick of tobacco and inhaling the smoke. The process can be very rewarding and it can also help you connect with others.

When buying cigars, you should know the different types available and what type of flavor and strength suits your taste preferences. It’s also important to purchase them from a reputable source to ensure they are high quality and safe for use.

Natural and Artisanal

Premium cigars are made from tobacco that has been grown without the addition of chemicals or additives. These cigars are truly natural and are a rare example of the best of what the industry has to offer.

They are produced in a controlled environment, and the process of aging is carefully monitored to achieve the perfect balance of aromas and flavors. This is done to prevent the emergence of undesirable traits, such as bitterness or harshness.

The fermentation process can be a lengthy and time-consuming one, but it’s worth it to produce a well-balanced, smooth smoke. This is the reason why many of the best cigars in the world are aged for years before being rolled and packaged to be sold. The longer a cigar is aged, the better it will taste.

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