PCA 2023 Day 4 With Pierre Jourdan of Les Fines Lames (11 A.M. CDT)

We wrap up the daily live shows with Pierre Jourdan, co-founder of Les Fines Lames, the French cigar accessories maker.

Earlier this week, Les Fines Lames made one of the more impressive announcements to come out of the PCA Convention & Trade Show this week, announcing that not only had they entered into a distribution agreement with Oliva Cigar Co. that will see that company’s sales force be able to offer Les Fines Lames’ products to retailers across the country.


The Art of Smoking Cigars

A cigar is a handcrafted tobacco product that can range in strength, size and taste. Cigars are often smoked as part of a social activity and can help create a sense of camaraderie and community among smokers. Smoking cigars in moderation can be relaxing and can also encourage a heightened appreciation of the complexities, flavors and aromas associated with premium quality tobacco.

Unlike cigarettes, which are made of tobacco that has been chemically treated and artificially flavored for the consumer, premium cigars are all natural, handmade products. The taste and flavor of a cigar is entirely dependent on the quality of the tobacco leaves used and the environment in which they are grown.

The art of creating a high-quality cigar is a time-intensive process that requires the utmost skill and attention to detail. The most expensive cigars are typically produced with the highest quality leaves and undergo a rigorous inspection and testing process to ensure the best possible outcome.

Ideally, cigars should be kept at a constant temperature and humidity level. Cigars that are not kept in a humidor quickly become dry and lose their flavor. Humidors keep cigars at an optimal condition that helps to maintain their delicate balance of taste and texture.

A good cigar is like a great bottle of wine or a fine whiskey – it should be savored and enjoyed slowly. The experience of smoking a premium cigar can be very relaxing and can be a pleasant way to unwind after a long day or enjoy the company of friends and colleagues.

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