J Train Cigar Review – Protocol Cigars & John R. Remer

J Train Cigar Review – Protocol Cigars & John R. Remer now this really was a fantastic cigar which i really enjoyed so thank you John for sending me this J Train cigar. You can get these cigars from various outlets and Smoke Inn plus if struggling i’m sure you can reach out to John via his Facebook Group Johnny Smokes Uncut and become a member. Please if you enjoy this review can you Subscribe share and comment so on that please have a great Christmas & New Year.. Just make sure a J Train is in your Christmas Stocking

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What is a Cigar?


What is a Cigar?

A cigar is a handmade product, often made of tobacco. It’s a popular luxury item that is often given to celebrate special occasions. They are characterized by their size, shape, and texture.

Typically, they are stored in humidors. They can be sold by manufacturers and retailers. In addition to a federal tax policy, cigars are also regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The cigar is a product of the tobacco plant. It begins as a tiny seed. In Central America, they are grown in large quantities. They are harvested by hand when the leaves are at their full height. Then they are packed into tight parcels called bales.

They are aged. The chemical reactions of aging bring out the flavor of the tobacco. It also helps to dissipate the acidity of the tobacco.

The aging process breaks down carotenoids. These are substances that give a cigar its color. It is also an important part of the process for a premium handmade cigar.

A great cigar can age for decades. If conditions are stable, they may even become better with time.

There are three main types of cigars. These are the puro, the cheroot, and the panatela. Each is handmade and uses pure tobacco. They have no artificial preservatives and sweeteners.

The quality of the cigar is dependent on many factors. The country of origin is a crucial factor. The growing environment and climate will have an effect on the flavor of the tobacco.

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