PCA 2023: ADV McKay

Marcel Knobel and Henderson Ventura, the team behind ADV & McKay Cigars, talk about their two new cigars at the 2023 PCA Convention & Trade Show.

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The Benefits of Smoking a Cigar

Cigars are cylindrical rolls of tobacco that offer a unique sensory experience for the smoker. They consist of cut filler tobacco encased in a binder leaf with a wrapper leaf rolled around the bunch. The tobacco leaves used in cigars are selected for their quality, and may be blended together to achieve a specific flavor, strength or aroma.

The cigarmaker’s skills and the nuances of the soil in which the tobacco is grown can have a profound effect on how it tastes and smokes. Premium cigars are handmade, and each individual cigar reflects the soil and climate from which it was harvested. Because of this, some premium cigars will taste different from others, even in a brand of the same cigarmaker. It has been said that 200 pairs of hands touch each cigar before it makes its way to your humidor, and no two cigars are alike.

Smoking a cigar is often a social activity, and can help to relieve stress and relax the mind. It is also a meditative activity, and some individuals find that it helps them to disconnect from their daily routines and engage in mindful awareness. However, these benefits must be weighed against the well-documented health risks of cigar smoking. It is important for the cigar aficionado to prioritize their overall health and to only smoke high-quality cigars.

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