So this is GOAT CIGAR CLUB CIGAR REVIEW – FRESH CUT now when i actually got my hands on this Goat Cigar Club cigar i was in love such an amazing soft box press barber pole and construction was incredible. I want to say a thank you to both Anthony Evans &Keith Salter for giving me these Fresh Cut cigar from Goat Club

6 X 60 Box Press
Ecuadorian, Habano & Connecticut Wrapper
Nicaraguan Filler & Binder

you really have to check out the Goat Cigar Club on instagram and pick up some of their cigars.



How to Select a Cigar

Cigars are a bundle of twisted tobacco leaves wrapped in a natural or artificial material such as a palm leaf, maize (maize) husk, and/or paper. They are a complex and labor-intensive hand-rolled product of which only the most experienced cigar makers can produce consistent results. The art of blending and rolling a handmade cigar takes a lifetime to fully master, and is an ever-evolving practice.

The size and color of the wrapper, the amount of smoke produced, and the flavor are some of the most important factors in choosing a cigar. Depending on your preferences, a cigar can be spicy, creamy, nutty, woody, or even chocolatey. The earliest evidence of cigar smoking comes from a pottery vessel in Uaxactun, Guatemala that dates back to the 10th century ce or earlier.

When selecting a cigar, be sure to consider the length of time you wish to smoke along with when and where you will smoke it. If you are going to be smoking it at a leisurely pace, then maybe something larger or thicker is in order like a Lonsdale or Churchill.

Once you have chosen a cigar, make sure to take it out of the packaging and give it a good sniff. A strong aroma will often give you an indication of the flavor profile to expect. Also, be on the lookout for a moldy cigar as this can ruin your experience. Cigars are hygroscopic in nature meaning they will either dry out over time in a dry environment or absorb moisture in a humid one. This can alter the flavor profile of a cigar drastically so be mindful of its surroundings.

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