6 July 2023


The Art of Making Cigars

Cigars are a great way to relax. Smoking a cigar releases nicotine in the body which is known to be a natural stress reducer and has been used as such since the dawn of time.

The art of making a premium cigar is much more than just gathering and burning tobacco. The process is time consuming and the construction of an excellent cigar takes the skill of a master. Poor construction can ruin an excellent cigar. A cigar that is made poorly will draw hard and taste bad no matter how good the raw materials.

A premium cigar is made entirely of whole-leaf tobacco that has been aged extensively. The only additional ingredient is water. A cigarette, on the other hand, contains multiple artificial ingredients, burning agents and paper. In addition, a cigarette has to be lit and exhaled through a filter which can be very harsh on the lungs.

Whether you are an experienced cigar smoker or a newcomer, cigar smoking is a great way to relax and socialize with friends. The cigar is also a symbol of class and has been associated with such activities as weddings, birthday celebrations and business meetings.

Cigar makers can be very creative with their filler tobaccos by using several different types of tobacco from various countries and combining them with different primings to achieve certain strengths, aromas and flavors. Cigars are then banded, boxed and sent out to consumers. It is commonly said that 200 pairs of hands touch a single handmade cigar before it gets to your humidor.

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