The Consensus 2022

It’s your favorite cigar blogger’s favorite Top 25 cigars list.

The Consensus is not halfwheel’s Top 25 list, that was unveiled on Friday. Rather, The Consensus combines best cigars of the year lists from cigar blogs, magazines, podcasts and YouTube channels into one massive list. Does everyone agree? Probably not. Regardless, this is the end result assuming I did the math correctly.

This is also an interactive show. Leave your questions for Charlie Minato (related to The Consensus or not) and maybe have them answered.

The Different Types of Cigars


The Different Types of Cigars

Cigars are made of tobacco. They can be categorized by shape, size, strength, aroma and price. These factors determine the quality of the cigar.

A premium handmade cigar is crafted with tobacco and no additives. It has natural color and flavor.

A full bodied cigar is a good choice for those looking to enjoy a strong flavor. Those with a more mellow personality may prefer a milder cigar.

The wrapper leaf, which is the most expensive part of the cigar, needs to be smooth and silky. It must also have an even, pleasant taste.

Unlike cigarettes, which have additives, premium cigars are made from pure tobacco. However, they can be modified by adding flavors. This may increase their appeal to non-users.

The taste of the cigar is the result of aging. Some types of tobacco take longer to age than others. When the cigar is properly aged, all undesirable qualities are gone.

Among the different factors that affect the taste of a cigar are the temperature and humidity of the room it’s stored in. If the humidity is too high, the cigar won’t burn evenly and will develop a strong, acidic flavor. Ideally, the relative humidity should be between 53 and 57 percent.

While some people claim that smoking cigars is harmless, it is known that it is extremely unhealthy. Research has shown that both cigarettes and cigars can cause cancer.

In the United States, about 2.2% of the adult population smokes. But, if the use of premium cigars becomes widespread, the prevalence of nicotine addiction could increase.

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