PCA 2023: Battleground Cigars

Victoria Tarnowicz Michalek of Battleground Cigars talks about the return of the OPK Fire as well as what else is new with the company.

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What Goes Into Making a Cigar?

Cigars are a luxurious indulgence that can be enjoyed with friends and as part of a leisurely, often social experience. Premium cigars are made with the finest tobacco leaves and crafted by skilled artisans. Smoking a fine cigar can be an opportunity for relaxation and enjoyment, while also providing a moment of mindfulness and contemplation.

A quality cigar is made of one thing and one thing only: pure tobacco. Unlike cigarettes, which contain many additives and chemicals to alter their taste and smell, cigars are made from naturally grown tobacco. In fact, the term “smoke” comes from the Latin word for smoke, referring to the way tobacco burns.

To make a quality cigar, the tobacco must be of the highest grade, and it must also undergo extensive processing to achieve its optimal flavor. For example, cigar wrappers must be pristine in appearance and texture, while cigar filler can have different primings and country of origin to create distinctive flavors.

The quality of a cigar can be further enhanced by secondary and tertiary aging, similar to the process of aging wine. This process can help further dissipate excess acidity in the tobacco, resulting in more balanced and nuanced flavors.

It’s been said that there are over 200 pairs of hands involved in a single handmade cigar. This is an extraordinary number and is a reminder of the immense amount of work and skill that goes into making a quality cigar.

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