PCA 2023: Iconic Leaf

Scott Weeks of Iconic Leaf talks about the company’s new Sweet Tails blend, the first new cigar from Iconic Leaf since 2016. He almost made the two-minute video length cut.

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How Cigars Are Made

A cigar is a complex, luxurious product that requires time and skill to produce. It is a natural expression of the tobacco plant and the soil from which it is grown. This makes each one unique.

Cigars offer an opportunity for relaxation, enjoyment and social bonding. Many smokers find that smoking a cigar allows them to slow down and appreciate the flavors, aromas and complexities that can be found in the best premium cigars.

The taste, strength and complexity of a cigar can be affected by the type of raw materials used and how they are treated. For example, a cigar that is stored properly will often have more flavor and be less harsh than a cigar that is stored improperly. Moreover, the quality of raw materials can also impact the overall price of the finished cigar.

Unlike cigarettes and other mass-produced cigars, premium hand-rolled cigars are free from dyes and ripening accelerants. This results in a more natural and consistent product, although the exact flavor of each cigar will vary slightly from one to the next. Cigarmakers often create specific strengths, aromas and tastes with their branded products by using different types of filler tobacco from various countries and several primings to achieve desired characteristics. It is important to note that the level of humidity in which a cigar is stored also has a significant impact on its taste and burn. This is why most smokers keep their cigars in humidors.

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