What is Pledge98?

E.P. Carrillo Cigar Company announces The Pledge98 campaign benefitting Els for Autism. This campaign is set to raise awareness and funds for the non-profit organization dedicated to transforming the lives of people with autism and those who care for them through lifetime services and collaborative partnerships. This is the second Pledge98 campaign this year for E.P. Carrillo, the first raising over $46,000.

In the spirit of the Pledge Prequel earning a 98 rating when it was selected as the Cigar of the Year in 2020, E.P. Carrillo is donating $9.80 per every Pledge Prequel (5×50) box sold in April 2023 which is World Autism Month and as part of the Carrillo Cares initiative.

E.P. Carrillo will also be hosting Pledge98 events throughout the country and participating is Els for Autism golf tournaments throughout the year. “Our first Pledge98 campaign with Els for Autism surpassed all of our expectations,” said Lissette Perez-Carrillo, Co-Owner of E.P. Carrillo Cigar Company. “We hope our 2nd campaign will engage the retailers and consumers just as much.”

About Els for Autism:
Els for Autism Foundation® was established in 2009 by Liezl Els, Ernie Els, and Marvin R. Shanken.
The Els’ son, Ben, is impacted by autism spectrum disorder, which effects 1 in 36 children in the
United States. The Foundation offers innovative, evidence-based programs for families and
individuals across the lifespan in six focus areas: Education, Research, Global Support,
Recreation Services, Adult Services and Therapy Services. Els for Autism Foundation serves
families around the world and offers in-person programs and services at The Els Center of Excellence® in Jupiter, Florida.

About E.P. Carrillo Cigar Company:
E.P. Carrillo Cigars have always been about innovative and groundbreaking ideas. It is owned and operated by third and fourth generation of cigar makers, the Perez-Carrillo family. Today, each of the E.P. Carrillo lines have a unique and distinct set of characteristics in line with our shared vision: The Endless Pursuit Toward Perfection. The cigars themselves are each based on a greater concept which reflects an aspect of the family’s heritage in tobacco and the authentic pride with which each cigar is made.



How Cigars Are Made

Cigars are a great way to relax and de-stress after a busy day. They take up to two hours or more to smoke depending on the size, giving you a chance to re-charge your batteries and have a good time.

Unlike standard cigarettes, cigars are made from whole leaf tobacco. This allows for a more complex, full-bodied flavor and aroma.

The first step in cigar production is aging the tobacco leaves. The leaves are placed in a large pile, called a pilote. This is done either manually or mechanically (using a machine). The leaves are rotated and allowed to age for a period of time, ranging from a few days to weeks.

After the aging process, workers will strip the filler leaves by hand or on a machine. This removes the main vein, which can cause the cigar to burn unevenly.

Tobacco leaf is then mixed with humectants, and a variety of flavors that are usually formulated by the tobacco manufacturer’s flavor company. The mixture will then be rolled into cigars.

Once the cigars are finished, they will be tested by an examiner. This is to ensure that they are the correct weight, size and shape.

Next, they will be banded and wrapped using a banding machine. The ringed cigars are then passed to workers who know how to sort by shade of wrapper.

Finally, cigars will be packaged in boxes and shipped to customers. This is a process that requires a high level of care and attention to detail.

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