Cigar Of The Week: Brick House Double Connecticut Churchill

Cigar Aficionado’s Cigar of the Week for the week of May 22. Read the full tasting note:

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What Are Cigars?

Cigars are tobacco products wrapped in leaf, which may be natural or artificial and come in various sizes. They vary in strength, flavor and aroma. Different varieties of tobacco are grown in different regions of the world, producing distinctive flavors. By blending the leaves from these different varieties of tobacco, cigar makers create distinct strengths, aromas and flavors.

In general, cigars contain a higher proportion of tobacco than cigarettes and are larger. Most cigars are handmade, which results in a smoother smoke. Cigars are consumed by both men and women and are a popular choice for a variety of occasions. The most expensive cigars in the world are created by premium manufacturers and are crafted to appeal to the wealthiest consumers.

A cigar is usually smoked with a cigar holder or cigar stand, which holds the cigar while it’s being smoked and protects the hands from nicotine stains and burns. The most common cigar smoking utensils include cedar wood, stainless steel, ceramic and acrylic stands.

The most common causes of harm related to cigars are addiction and cardiovascular disease (CVD). Nicotine is an addictive substance, and sustained use of combustible tobacco increases the risk for a variety of diseases. In addition, nicotine releases catecholamines, which cause vasoconstriction of blood vessels. These effects may result in a decreased flow of oxygen to the heart and brain, and they can also impair wound healing after surgery or other procedures.

Other risks associated with cigar smoking include eye health (lens opacification), skin health, diabetes, and fertility. In addition, some studies indicate an increased risk of esophageal cancer among regular cigar smokers, although the evidence is conflicting.

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