PCA 2023: Fosforo Cigars

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What is a Cigar?

A cigar is a cylindrical roll of tobacco, consisting of a filler leaf wrapped in a binder leaf and a wrapper leaf. The tobacco leaves must be strong and elastic, silky in texture and even in colour; the cigar’s flavour and burning properties depend on these qualities. The most expensive, and highest quality, cigars are made with wrapper leaves grown in the sun. The name of cigar comes from the Spanish word for “tobacco.” Cigars are sold as premium products and can be purchased from a variety of stores and vendors.

The art of blending and rolling handmade cigars is not easy to master. It takes years to master the skill of blending and working with an ingredient that changes constantly. Just like winemakers, cigar makers are faced with the fact that some years’ crops are better than others. This makes it difficult to guarantee consistent quality. As a result, premium cigars will differ from one to another.

Like the best wine, a great cigar is aged to perfection. This process dissipates any unwanted acidity, which allows the cigar to reach its peak flavor and nuance. This is why a well-made cigar is so delicious.

While the popularity of cigars has declined from their peak in the 1970s, they remain a popular alternative to cigarettes among some consumers. According to 2021 National Youth Tobacco Survey data, current cigar use is higher in some racial and ethnic groups, particularly black middle and high school students, who smoke flavored little cigars and cigarillos at the highest rate.

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