Putting out your finished Cigar..!

What Are Cigars?

Cigars are rolled bundles of tobacco leaves that contain different varieties of filler, binder, and wrapper. These varying varieties of tobacco impart different strength, aroma, and flavor profiles.

Cigar flavors depend on a variety of factors, including the filler and wrapper, the cigar’s ring gauge, country of origin, and the type of tobacco plant it contains. There are also a variety of blends that cigar makers use to create unique flavors.

Mild Smoking: It is not uncommon for a new smoker to start out with mild cigars before progressing to more robust varieties. This allows them to gain experience and appreciate the bolder flavors as they progress.

Medium Smoking: The next step up from mild smoking is a medium-bodied cigar. They offer a bit more strength, which is why they’re great for pairing with coffee or bourbon.

Strong Smoking: A stronger cigar is a good choice for people who prefer a more powerful taste. They’ll enjoy a greater richness and mouthfeel, and their smoke is more dense and oily.

Typically, cigars are made from long filler tobacco, which consists of whole leaves rolled into cigars. Some machine-made cigars are made with short filler tobacco, which consists of smaller pieces of leaves.

The wrapper is the outermost leaf that covers a cigar and imparts the majority of the smoke’s flavor. There are a number of different wrappers available, ranging from Connecticut to maduro and claro. The wrapper’s characteristics can be influenced by the country of origin and the way it’s grown (sun or shaded). The wrapper can also contribute to the overall strength, aroma, and flavor of the cigar.

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