PCA 2023: Patoro

Dr. Pablo Richard of Patoro talks about his company’s new Platino Churchill, which is being sold in the U.S. for the first time.

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Cigars – A Symbol of Prestige and Achievement

There are many reasons to enjoy cigars: they’re delicious, relaxing and a good conversation starter. But, more than anything, they’re a symbol of prestige and class. Cigars are enjoyed by people from all walks of life, but it’s the higher-end, premium brands that have gained the most acclaim in recent years. The top-rated cigars can be very expensive, but it’s for good reason. The tobacco used in these premium cigars is grown, smoked and crafted by skilled artisans. This process takes time and care, which is why the price of a high-quality cigar can be quite steep.

Cigars are also an excellent way to relax and take a moment to reflect on things that are important to us. They’re often smoked to mark special occasions such as weddings, birthdays or graduations. In a reversal from previous decades, where cigars were portrayed as a status symbol or trendy hobby among the wealthy, cigar smoking is now seen more as a totem of success and achievement.

The taste and aroma of a cigar is determined by its growing environment and how the tobacco is processed. The way it’s cut, rolled and aged can create a wide range of flavors and strength levels. For instance, the evocative musty terracotta nuances of Davidoff’s Yamasa are created by decades of careful cultivation and agronomy. This type of consistency can be difficult to achieve, as the weather will always play a role in crop quality, and even the best cigarmakers are bound to experience some minute variations between cigars, just like any handmade product.

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