PCA 2023: Sinistro

James Agopian, who blended Sinistro Cigars’ new Mr. Desflorado, talks about his newest creation at PCA 2023.

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What Are Cigars?

Cigars are a long cylindrical roll of tobacco for smoking, consisting of a bundle of cut tobacco filler leaves wrapped with a binder leaf and then covered by a wrapper leaf. The cigar’s flavor, texture and aroma come from the tobacco itself; not any chemical additives or processing, as in a cigarette. Cigars have been associated with class and high beings since their introduction to the world, which is probably part of their appeal to those who enjoy them.

Many people who smoke cigars only do so on special occasions, such as a night out with friends or after a great dinner and glass of wine. This creates an association between good times and cigar smoking, so the smoker is reminded of those happy moments whenever they enjoy their favorite cigar. Cigars can also be enjoyed as a guilty pleasure after an exhausting day, and this can help the smoker to relax. Cigars contain nicotine, which is a known relaxant. However, they also have more tar and tobacco than cigarettes, and this can increase the risk of certain diseases such as heart disease and lung damage.

Smoking a cigar requires a certain skill set in order to properly prepare and enjoy it. This is why people who enjoy cigars usually consider it more of a hobby than just a way to pass the time. The entire process of cutting, lighting and cuffing a cigar is an enjoyable activity that can be shared with others, adding to the enjoyment.

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