PCA 2023 Live Day 3 With Terence Reilly of AGANORSA Leaf (11:00 A.M. CDT)

Today Brian Burt will interview Terence Reilly, vp of sales and marketing for AGANORSA Leaf. We’ll chat about the new things from the company here at the show, including the 10 x 100 JFR Lunatic Maduro.

Unlike Charlie Minato’s attempt at putting together the J.C. Newman LEGO set, Brian will, in fact, not be attempting to smoke and finish the 10 x 100 cigar during our 30-minute interview.


How to Choose the Best Cigars

Despite negative health concerns and stereotypes, cigars have historically been viewed as classy, luxurious, and a symbol of wealth and social status. Cigars are often given as a way to celebrate achievements, such as graduations or promotions. Smoking a cigar can be a great conversation starter, and the experience itself can be very relaxing.

Unlike cigarettes, which are loaded with many chemicals, premium cigars only contain tobacco and time. If you want to enjoy the full cigar experience, it is important to use a proper clipper to ensure that you are cutting your cigars correctly. A bad cut can lead to a poor draw, burn, or even an uneven surface. It is also important to have a good humidor and cigar cutter so that your smokes are fresh and enjoyable.

Aside from using the right tools, cigar smokers should make sure that they are smoking only the best quality cigars. Cigars that are a year old or more are considered to be the best because they have had ample time to age and develop rich and complex flavors. Cigars that are too young will have a bland taste and will not be as enjoyable to smoke.

Creating a list of the top cigars is difficult because every smoker has their own preferences and taste. One of the best ways to get a feel for what you like is to try out different brands and styles of cigars. This will help you find the perfect cigar for you.

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