PCA 2023: Luciano Cigars

Luciano Meirelles, ceo and co-founder of Luciano Cigars, talks about the “very disruptive products” that are found in his booth at the 2023 PCA Convention & Trade Show.

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Why Cigars Are Considered an Artisanal Product

Cigars are a time honored tradition and a pleasure that can be enjoyed in many ways. They offer an opportunity to relax and reflect or they can be enjoyed with friends as a social activity. Cigars can also be used to help create bonds between associates or to initiate new business relationships.

Smoking a cigar requires attention, focus and skill. This is especially true with a premium cigar, as the skill and time that go into making them means they need to be enjoyed correctly to get the full experience. It is for this reason that cigars are often considered an artisanal product.

Unlike cigarettes which are made from a combination of various tobaccos and additives, a cigar is made of one thing: tobacco. This allows it to be naturally flavored, without the use of dyes and other flavor-enhancing additives. Additionally, because the leaf is organically grown, the variations in color are entirely natural and are not induced by chemicals and other artificial processes.

Aside from the obvious, premium cigars are a great way to enjoy fine tobacco. When smoked well, they can deliver an incredibly enjoyable experience that is both complex and relaxing. The best cigars are made with the finest tobacco and crafted by skilled artisans. They are an indulgence in luxury that can be savored and enjoyed with pride, appreciation and enjoyment for the art of cigar making.

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