360 by Elie Bleu | Review

The 360 by Elie Bleu ($290) combines the handles of cigar scissors with the body of a double guillotine cutter. The end result isn’t a hybrid, it’s an entirely unique-looking cutter that oddly looks like a Pac-Man character. That said, it’s made for cutting cigars, not eating digital fruit.



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The Art of Making Cigars

Cigars have long been associated with relaxation and enjoyment. Indulging in a cigar can help smokers slow down and focus on the moment, creating a ritualistic experience that can act as a stress relief tool for some. Cigar smoking can also be a social activity that can encourage the bonding of friends and family. Moreover, cigars can be used to celebrate special events such as a birthday or anniversary, and can serve as a reminder of happy times in one’s life.

The allure of a well-made, handmade cigar lies in its artisanal qualities. Unlike cigarettes, which can have hundreds of additives and preservatives, premium cigars are made of pure tobacco. Perceptible flavors, including sweet and spicy, as well as alluring shades of brown are achieved through an organic process free of dyes or ripening accelerants. Consequently, the tobacco must age to reach its full potential.

This arduous, time-consuming process makes it extremely difficult for manufacturers to produce consistent cigars. In fact, it is often said that 200 pairs of hands touch a cigar before it ends up in a smoker’s humidor.

As a result, the quality of cigars can fluctuate significantly throughout the year. This is particularly apparent when it comes to judging a cigar’s strength and body. Historically, cigars have been classified as mild, medium or full-bodied. The introduction of new products, however, has caused these classifications to change. This may be due to the fact that many new cigar flavors have been introduced without the required pre-market review process, a requirement under the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act.

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