What’s in E.P. Carrillo Pledge of Allegiance 2023? The American Dream embodied in a cigar blend

Join Lissette and Ernesto as they chat about the blend of Pledge of Allegiance, a limited release cigar, that symbolizes the journey to America and fulfilling the American dream. The release is scheduled before July 4 holiday to enjoy with friends and family on this patriotic holiday.

Heritage: Celebrate the rich history and Cuban roots of our Perez-Carrillo family. Learn more about our dedication to the art of cigar making and how our legacy lives on through the Pledge of Allegiance blend.

Resilience: Share with us the inspiring journey of our Perez-Carrillo family, who overcame adversity and built a new life in the United States. Enjoy the story of our determination, courage, and ability to adapt in the face of challenges.

Patriotism: Experience the family’s love for our adopted country and the spirit of the American dream. Pledge of Allegiance is a tribute to the freedom and opportunities the United States represents.

Passion: Learn about the unwavering passion and craftsmanship that goes into every E.P. Carrillo cigar.

Our story goes back four generation. We hope you enjoy it and can relate to the wonderful opportunites the USA has to offer.


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What is a Cigar?

A cigar is a handmade tobacco product that requires the labor of many skilled workers to produce. Unlike cigarettes which use artificial ingredients, cigars are made with natural tobacco leaves that must be carefully selected and then aged. This process results in a richer, more complex flavor than a cigarette. Cigars are available in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Cigars can take up to two hours to smoke, depending on the size, which provides an opportunity for the smoker to relax. It also allows the cigar smoker to step away from a stressful situation, and regain control of their emotions. The smoker can enjoy a good cigar while relaxing on their favorite chair or couch, and sipping a glass of wine or other beverage.

Unlike a cigarette, which can have up to 200 chemicals and additives in it, a premium cigar only contains one ingredient – tobacco. This means the flavors and aromas that are associated with a good cigar come from the natural processes of fermentation, aging, and blending tobacco. The coloration of a cigar is achieved through natural oxidation, and no dyes or ripening accelerants are used.

It has been said that it takes over 200 pairs of hands to make a single hand-rolled cigar. This is because each step is done by someone with a different skill set. This includes the growers, the harvesters, the rollers, and those who band, box, and ship the cigars to be consumed. Cigars are often categorized as being either strong or medium in body strength, although it is important to note that the difference between these two categories has nothing to do with how powerfully the nicotine affects the smoker.

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