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Are Cigars Harmful?


Are Cigars Harmful?

Compared to cigarettes, cigars are much more expensive. They also contain more toxic substances. They are also a major source of indoor air pollution. Cigars are often given out as gifts to celebrate special occasions. The tobacco used to make cigars is grown in Central America, Indonesia and Costa Rica.

The cigar is made up of a wrapper leaf and filler leaves. The wrapper leaf is the most expensive and must be silky, strong and even in color. It must also have a pleasant flavour. It is then rolled around the bunch to form the cigar. A cap is also added to help hold the wrapper in place.

Tobacco is harvested when it is at full height. It is then dried and hung in a curing barn. The tobacco is then fermented and aged. Aging helps to dissipate the acidity in tobacco and bring out the desirable qualities.

The most common type of cigar is the parejo, which has a round “cap” on the other end. It is also referred to as a corona.

These cigars are often considered to be a more sophisticated form of smoking. However, there is no scientific evidence that using cigars causes more deaths than cigarette smoking.

The earliest study on cigar smoking mortality was conducted by the FDA. They looked at 1139 current cigar smokers in US Census Bureau surveys. They also cited two studies that reported all-cause mortality.

A third study, conducted by the Center for Tobacco Studies at Rutgers University, studied the effect of cigar use on the health of smokers. They found that cigar smokers had significantly higher lung cancer and all-cause mortality. They also found that fewer than five cigars a day were not associated with a significant increase in mortality.

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