PCA 2023: Stallone Cigars

While other manufacturers are pushing the upper end of the price spectrum, Stallone Cigars’ new line looks to deliver both value and a fantastic smoking experience. Tony Barrios talks about the new Stallone Mustang from the 2023 PCA Convention & Trade Show.

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What Makes a Cigar Strong?

Cigars are handmade products, made of one thing and one thing only – tobacco. The ingredients are organic, the flavors natural. Buzzwords like “natural” and “artisanal” are overused in today’s parlance, but premium cigars truly embody the meaning of these terms.

The strength and flavor of a cigar are a result of the variety of tobacco used to create it. A cigarmaker will blend different varieties of filler tobacco for unique strength and aromas. The tobacco used will also vary by region, as the climate and soil in a growing area can contribute to the flavor of a cigar.

A cigar’s size also influences its intensity and flavor. Larger ring gauges allow for more complex cigars and can provide richer, fuller flavors. Smaller ring gauges can be lighter and more delicate, with less complexity.

Once the cigarmaker has chosen a specific blend of tobaccos, they will use various types of tobacco wrappers to produce a cigar with distinct colors and aromas. The darker the wrapper, the stronger the cigar. This is because the tobacco leaves have spent more time exposed to sunlight, which produces oils for protection and sugar through photosynthesis.

Often, cigars are categorized as mild, medium or full-bodied. Knowing if you want to smoke a strong or light cigar will help narrow your selections and speed up the process of finding your perfect cigar.

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