PCA 2023: Plasencia

Nestor Andrés Plasencia, ceo of Plasencia Cigars, details his company’s two new releases on the floor of the 2023 PCA Convention & Trade Show: a new size in the Alma Fuerte Colorado Claro line and an addition to a line made up of cigars commemorating a very different kind of occasion than what is typically seen in the tobacco industry.

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What is a Cigar?

Many people enjoy cigars because of the flavor and aroma they offer. They have a great way of relaxing the mind and helping one to sleep better, while also giving a feeling of class and royalty. Cigars are made up of fermented and dried tobacco leaves that have been wrapped once again with other tobacco leaf. Unlike cigarettes, cigars contain no added flavoring (unless it’s a flavored cigar) no additives to make it burn quicker or last longer and no accelerants or anything else that is harmful to the smokers health.

Once the tobacco has been rolled, it is then aged in bales (big bundles of tobacco) for months or even years to further dissipate any harshness or undesirable qualities that might be present. This aging process helps to further refine the flavors and aromas of the cigar and to rid it of vegetal, or green, notes. A well-aged cigar will be redolent of almond, raisin and orange blossom.

A good cigar is full of flavor and can be mild, medium or full-bodied. Strength has nothing to do with nicotine, but rather the intensity of the flavor that is imparted to the smoker.

Whether you are an experienced cigar smoker or are just beginning, we have something to fit your taste and budget. Remember that it is important to always smoke in moderation, to avoid irritation to others and to prevent potential health problems. It is also important to understand that cigars are not to be sold or given to anyone under the age of 21.

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