PCA 2023: Fratello

Omar de Frias, founder of Fratello, talks about the company’s new Lunar Series, which serves as the company’s 10th anniversary release. Before de Frias launched Fratello, he worked at NASA. Now, his company’s logo will be going to the moon.

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How to Choose the Best Cigars

Many people associate cigars with a sense of ritual, relaxation and enjoyment. They allow you to slow down, take time for yourself, and savor the complexities of the tobacco and flavor profiles. Cigar smoking is often a social activity, as friends and colleagues gather to share in the experience and create bonds that can last a lifetime.

When it comes to choosing the perfect cigar, quality is everything. While a great cigar doesn’t have to be expensive, higher-quality materials and greater attention to detail will always make for a more premium smoke. It’s said that 200 pairs of hands touch your cigar before it makes it to your humidor, which is a true testament to the amount of skill involved in creating these artisanal creations.

The wrapper is the outer layer that encases the tobacco leaf, and it can vary in color, texture, and taste depending on the tobacco used and how it’s grown. A dark wrapper can add a sweet touch to a cigar, while a lighter shade adds dryness. The binder is the leaf that binds the filler leaves together, and it can also differ in taste and texture depending on the tobacco used and how it’s cured.

The aging process is another factor that affects the final taste of the cigar, and this can be an important factor in determining whether you’ll enjoy it or not. A cigar that tastes like grass or raw green beans is a sign that it hasn’t been aged sufficiently, while one that is redolent of almonds, raisins and orange blossom is properly aged.

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