PCA 2023 Live: Day 1 With Nicholas Melillo of Foundation Cigar Co.

The PCA Convention & Trade Show is back, and so are our live interviews before the show floor opens which has become a tradition here at halfwheel.

The first interview of the show is with Nicholas Melillo, founder of Foundation Cigar Co. If you have questions for Brooks or Nick, please leave them on YouTube or Facebook.


Cigars As a Symbol of Manhood

Cigars have long been a symbol of manhood. From cigar-smoking businessmen to WWII fighter pilots to camo-clad revolutionaries, they have been associated with the ultimate masculine achievement – from graduations and promotions to marriages and babies. Cigars are also often used as a moment of contemplation and reflection in times of stress or to commemorate a big deal or major accomplishment.

Cigar smoking is generally considered a social activity, and the act of enjoying a cigar can lead to conversations that build friendships and strengthen relationships. Smoking a high quality, premium cigar is an exercise in savoring and appreciating the time, effort, skill, and craftsmanship that goes into the making of such a fine tobacco product.

In a reversal from previous decades, where cigars were portrayed as either lucrative businesses or trendy vices, cigar smoking is now more likely seen as a sign of good taste and style, a way to relax and unwind, and a sophisticated pastime that can be enjoyed with friends. In this resurgence of interest in the cigar, many cigar-makers have come to market with a number of premium options for smokers of all tastes and preferences.

But how do you know which cigars to buy? Besides looking for the right color and appearance, you’ll want to make sure your cigar is firm and supple with no weak spots. The flavor will tell you a lot about the cigar as well; it should be full, creamy, and not too bitter or harsh. The size of your cigar will affect the flavor as well; thicker, longer cigars will tend to burn more slowly and coolly, allowing individual flavors to interact and develop while thinner, shorter cigars will burn hotter, quickly concentrating and overpowering the flavors.

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