PCA 2023: Blanco Cigar Co.

David Blanco of Blanco Cigar Co. didn’t have any new products on display at the 2023 PCA Convention & Trade Show, but he does have some interesting projects in the works.

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How Cigars Are Made

A cigar is a pleasure to be savored and enjoyed, whether it’s an occasional indulgence or a regular habit. The pastime also provides an opportunity for similar-minded people to gather and socialize, which can lead to new friendships or even business associations.

Cigars are a natural relaxant that contain nicotine, a known chemical that has been shown to alleviate stress. The average cigarette contains about 10mg of nicotine, but an entire cigar can deliver up to 200mg.

A premium cigar is a handmade, all-natural product. Buzzwords like “natural” and “artisanal” are often used by marketers to promote their products, but cigarmakers truly earn these distinctions. Premium cigars are made from one thing — tobacco.

Cigar production starts with the field, where tobacco is cultivated under careful watch to ensure a high-quality crop. The leaves are then bundled into enormous piles (pilones) for fermentation. Fermentation is a lengthy process that requires specialized knowledge and equipment. Once the cigars have been fermented, they are sorted for color consistency and sent to the aging room. The cigars are then rolled, banded and packaged before they make their way to the consumer.

Cigarmakers are constantly experimenting to improve their products, and their work shows in the finished products. In addition to improving the quality of their cigars, they are also establishing new trends in cigar styles, which can impact other manufacturers and create opportunities for their business to grow. Cigarmakers also use their marketing and promotional skills to help promote the popularity of their products. Cigar companies sponsor music and sporting events, create branded merchandise, and promote their products in a variety of other ways. In many cases, cigar-related activities go unregulated by federal agencies, despite the evidence linking this type of advertising to youth tobacco use.

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