Is Smoking One Cigar Per Week Bad For You?

Is Smoking 1 Cigar Per Week Bad For You? In this video, we try to get to the bottom of this important question.

So, is smoking a cigar ‘bad’ for you? Can you reduce the potential health risks by limiting the number of cigars you smoke? Deep down, we all know that smoking isn’t good for us. Everything in moderation, right?

Smoking cigars to some is a daily activity. To others, they are saved for special occasions. Perhaps you are even guilty of increasing your cigar-smoking habit whilst on holiday.

Hear my thoughts on cigar smoking whilst we look through a couple of articles and take a look at some stats on the effects of living in London and junk food.

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How to Choose a Premium Cigar

As cigar smoking becomes more popular, it’s important to take some time to understand just what makes a premium cigar so different from the average cigarette. Buzzwords like “natural,” “artisanal,” and “handmade” may get thrown around a lot these days, but premium cigars have earned the right to use them. The finest handmade cigars are made of one thing and one thing only: tobacco. There are no dyes or ripening accelerants, no preservatives, and no artificial sweeteners. Even the colorations of fine cigars are natural, a result of the soil and sun in which the tobacco was grown.

First, inspect the cigar. Look for a lustrous appearance, with no cracks or mold. Touch the cigar to feel how elastic it is and for any divots or bulges that could indicate a poor roll.

Next, give it a test smoke. Lightly squeeze it every half inch or so to ensure that the filling of tobacco is uniform and that there are no divots or bumps where the tobacco has been added. If you’re at a humidor, ask the staff to let you listen to the cigar. It should make a soft rustling sound, which indicates that it’s sufficiently moist to enjoy.

Choose a cigar size based on how long you want to spend enjoying it. For example, if you only have an hour to enjoy it, select a corona or a short robusto. For those who prefer a longer experience, Churchill or double coronas are options that can be enjoyed slowly.

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