Can a Smaller Ring Gauge Taste Like a Bigger One?

Learning how to blend a cigar with a small ring gauge, like a lonsdale, the right way takes time and practice. Was Ernesto able to match the flavor profile of the Pledge Prequel, which is the highest rated Cigar of the Year ever?

Watch as Lissette Perez-Carrillo and Ernesto Perez-Carrillo talk through the basics of how to blend a smaller ring gauge cigar to match the taste of a cigar with a bigger ring gauge. Playing and creating the blend that can match the highest rated cigar of the year ever takes skill. Plating with the amounts of tobacco inside makes a big difference.

We also dive in to a discussion of whether a cigar roller needs to be especially skilled at blending a smaller ring gauge cigar.

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Cigars Are More Popular Than Ever


Cigars Are More Popular Than Ever

Cigars have long been associated with high society and the upper class. The tobacco products are popular and widely used and they’re more popular in the US than anywhere else. About 2.2% of adults in the United States smoke cigars. The product is more popular among men than women. Smoking a cigar is seen as a sign of status, and cigars are often used as a celebration item for birthdays and special occasions.

The quality of a cigar’s construction is an important factor in determining its overall taste. A cigar with poor construction will be difficult to draw and burn properly. This will significantly impact how you enjoy it. A well-made cigar will be smooth and easy to enjoy. Cigars can be categorized according to their strength, flavor, and body.

Fine cigars are made from leaves that are hand-rolled by skilled cigar makers. This process is extremely precise, as the filler must be packed evenly to ensure even burning. The wrapper must also be wound in a spiral around the cigar. Most hand-rolled cigars are made in small factories where each worker sits at a table, surrounded by tobacco leaves. Workers then choose two to six leaves to use as filler, then roll them into a bundle. Next, they roll a binder leaf around the filler leaves.

The number of adults who reported cigar use is increasing. There was a significant increase in smoking among young adults ages 18 to 25. And the prevalence of cigar use was significantly higher among African American adults.

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