Unboxing The New Sizes Of Arturo Fuente Rare Pink

Watch as executive editor David Savona unboxes the new sizes of Arturo Fuente Rare Pink. Read the full story here:


How Cigars Are Made

Cigars are a popular way to relax with friends and family. They can be enjoyed at a range of temperatures and offer a variety of flavors and aromas.

They have a wide variety of sizes and shapes. These include petite, torpedo and grande cigars as well as smaller, more delicate ones like cigarillos.

You can buy them in a shop called a tobacconist or you can order them online. These are specialty shops that stock a large variety of cigars in specialized humidors.

If you have never smoked before, you should start with a mild or medium-bodied cigar. It’s best to stick with this until you develop a taste for them and feel more comfortable handling a full strength one.

It’s important to choose a good cigar that is made properly. A poorly constructed cigar will not draw or burn properly, drastically affecting its flavor and enjoyment.

The first step in the making of a cigar is rolling the leaves into shape. These leaves are then rolled together into the center of the cigar and then wrapped in the wrapper. This is the most time-consuming part of the process, so it’s crucial that the cigar be made properly.

After the rolling and wrapping is complete, the cigars are sent to a room for aging. This gives them a deep, rich and complex flavor that will stand up to repeated puffing.

The process is long and requires a lot of hands. This is why cigars are considered premium products and not just a cheaper version of cigarettes.

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