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Cigars Are Not As Dangerous As Cigar Smoking


Cigars Are Not As Dangerous As Cigar Smoking

Cigars are tobacco products that come wrapped in a tobacco leaf. They typically come in different sizes, from tiny to large. Cigar smoking is a popular pastime that many adults enjoy. In the US, cigar smoking is far more common than cigarette smoking. In fact, about 2.2% of adults in the country smoke cigars. Cigars are more popular with men than women, and they are usually associated with high-class individuals. However, there are a variety of risks associated with cigar smoking, and the FDA recommends that you avoid them if possible.

Generally, cigar tobacco is grown in Central and South America. Its flavor and color are achieved through an organic process. It is free of additives such as dyes and ripening accelerators. It is also free from preservatives, artificial sweeteners, or natural sweeteners. However, cigars are not as natural as chocolate.

Cigar smoking can cause premature death in adults 35 and older. In the US, it is responsible for over 140,000 years of life lost. Cigar smokers also lose $22.9 billion in monetary terms. A study published in 2019 estimates that removing flavored cigars from the market would prevent at least 800 deaths attributable to cigar smoking each year. The study found that the elimination of flavored cigars would also lead to 112,000 fewer cigar smokers among 18 year olds.

The use of cigars has not declined as rapidly as cigarette smoking. In fact, cigar use has grown more than three-fold since 2000. Cigars are not as dangerous as cigarette smoking, but they are still a great way to celebrate life and express your individuality. Cigars and cigarette smoking can both lead to lung and oral cancer.

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