Prometheus Platinum Series 150 Humidor | Review

The Prometheus Platinum Series is the company’s flagship line of humidors. There are two different sizes—150 ($1,995) and 200 ($2,495)—offered in five different exterior finishes. These humidors can also be found on various limited edition Arturo Fuente and God of Fire releases. Made in France, the humidors occupy an interesting space: more expensive than a Daniel Marshall, but notably less than a comparable Elie Bleu humidor. Charlie Minato provides his thoughts.


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How Cigars Are Made


How Cigars Are Made

Cigars are rolled bundles of tobacco leaves that are designed for smoking. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. A cigar is a perfect way to enjoy the flavor of tobacco. Learn about the different types of cigars and how to smoke them safely. The history behind cigars can be traced back as far as ancient Rome.

Cigars are made from tobacco, and the process of making them begins with the leaves. First, the outer wrapper leaf is “de-stemming.” This is a process that removes the thick central vein of the leaf. This process can be performed by hand or by machine. Filler tobacco also has part of its stem removed.

Cigars are different from cigarettes in several ways. A cigarette contains a low-quality tobacco that isn’t fermented to release ammonia. In addition, cigars contain more than 600 ingredients, including nicotine. Cigars are also more expensive, and you’ll have to pay more for a pack of 20. However, the flavor and aroma of a cigar will make your evening more relaxing.

Before a cigar reaches the humidor, it is touched by 200 pairs of hands. Some sources claim that number is even higher. Since cigars are handmade, this means that a large number of hands are involved in its production.

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