PCA 2023: Jake Wyatt Cigar Co

Neil Garcia of Jake Wyatt Cigar Co. talks about the company’s newest line, J.W. Maverick, which is now a full-production line, available in three sizes.

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The Benefits of Smoking Cigars

While cigars are often characterized as unhealthy and dangerous, they are in fact a natural and enjoyable product. Unlike cigarettes, cigars are made with whole leaf tobacco that is carefully selected and aged. These factors give the cigars a richer, more complex flavor and aroma than their mass-produced counterparts.

Cigars are usually made of two main components: a binder and filler. The binder is a tough leaf that holds the filler leaves together and helps to form the shape of the cigar. The filler is normally made from various varieties of tobacco, and it’s this blend that gives the cigar its distinctive strength, aroma, and flavour. The type of tobacco used and the country of origin also play a large role in how the cigar tastes, as different growing environments produce unique flavors.

Cigars offer a number of pleasures to smokers, from relaxation and enjoyment to social bonding. A cigar can be the perfect finish to a good meal or a great way to wind down after a long day. For aficionados, cigars can be the ultimate indulgence and a fine way to enjoy their favourite brands.

For those who wish to continue enjoying cigars, it is recommended that they should buy cigars of decent quality and limit their consumption to a few a day. Indulging in the occasional cigar can provide pleasure and relaxation, but heavy smoking is not advised as it can irritate those around you and increase the risk of illness.

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