PCA 2023 Hiram & Solomon

Fouad Kashouty, one of the co-owners of Hiram & Solomon, talks about what’s new with the company, including some new packaging you’ll see and a line now being available in traditional boxes after debuting in a sampler.

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The Fine Art of Cigar Making

Cigars offer a refined palate the opportunity to explore many different combinations of tobacco flavors, complexities, aromas and even strengths. This allows cigar lovers to develop a deeper understanding of their favorite brands, regions and blends.

The experience of smoking a fine cigar is an activity that is often shared in social settings. The act of sharing a cigar can be relaxing and provide an excuse to enjoy time with friends or to engage in a moment of contemplation and mindful awareness. The positive aspects of cigar smoking should always be weighed against the well-documented negatives such as oral health problems, a significant risk for nicotine addiction and the potential for permanent damage to one’s lungs.

There are many different styles of cigars, but they are all made from the same basic ingredients: tobacco leaves, a binder, and a wrapper. A cigarmaker will select various tobaccos and binders to create different flavor, strength and complexity profiles. The cigarmaker will then choose the proper wrapper to complement the selected fillers and binders.

A quality cigar will be supple, aromatic and flexible to the touch. It will also be well-aged and free of vegetal or green notes. The aging process is done naturally through a careful selection of tobacco leaves and a carefully controlled fermentation.

The best quality cigars are handmade and natural. Unlike mass-produced cigarette products that may contain additives to make them look and taste better, premium cigars are only made of 100% pure tobacco. The finest cigars are a natural expression of the artistry of the tobacco maker and a true reflection of their unique character and culture.

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