E.P. Carrillo Pledge of Allegiance 2023 – Journey to America

Join Lissette and Ernesto as they chat about the blend of Pledge of Allegiance, a limited release cigar, that symbolizes the journey to America and fulfilling the American dream. The release is scheduled before July 4 holiday to enjoy with friends and family on this patriotic holiday.

Heritage: Celebrate the rich history and Cuban roots of our Perez-Carrillo family. Learn more about our dedication to the art of cigar making and how our legacy lives on through the Pledge of Allegiance blend.

Resilience: Share with us the inspiring journey of our Perez-Carrillo family, who overcame adversity and built a new life in the United States. Enjoy the story of our determination, courage, and ability to adapt in the face of challenges.

Patriotism: Experience the family’s love for our adopted country and the spirit of the American dream. Pledge of Allegiance is a tribute to the freedom and opportunities the United States represents.

Passion: Learn about the unwavering passion and craftsmanship that goes into every E.P. Carrillo cigar.

Our story goes back four generation. We hope you enjoy it and can relate to the wonderful opportunites the USA has to offer.


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Cigars – A Symbol of Sophistication and Sophistication

Cigars are a symbol of sophistication and a time honored pastime for many cigar smokers. They provide a break from the everyday, an excuse to relax and enjoy a well-made cigar with a beverage. They are often smoked to celebrate or commemorate events such as birthdays, weddings, retirements and other milestones.

Cigarmakers use a combination of skill and raw materials to create the ideal cigar for their customers, with varying levels of strength, flavor, aroma and complexity. These ingredients include fillers, binder and wrapper. The cigarmaker is also creative in the selection and pairing of tobaccos. They can use several different primings of tobacco and can vary the intensity of the cigar by blending a higher or lower percentage of the filler.

A cigar is a living, breathing product and should be kept in an environment that is at least 60 percent humidity to maintain its proper texture and flavor. Cigars stored in low humidity become dry, and their taste becomes harsh and acidic. High humidity allows a cigar to be properly smoked, and the flavors of the tobaccos are allowed to fully mature.

As with wine, the finest, handmade cigars are natural expressions of both the cigarmaker and the soil in which they were grown. Even though cigarmakers strive for consistency, no two premium cigars are exactly alike. This is because premium tobacco is a naturally-derived, unadulterated, and natural product. The word “natural” gets thrown around a lot in today’s parlance, but cigars truly earn the claim.

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