PCA 2023: Fuerte y Libre

Fuerte y Libre made its debut at PCA 2023 and Gregory Free, the company’s founder, makes his debut on halfwheel. Free talked about the company’s various brands including two new cigars.

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What Makes a Good Cigar?

Cigars are man-made products made from raw tobacco, and the best cigars require significant time, effort and a keen eye for quality to be crafted well. It’s said that more than 200 pairs of hands touch a cigar before it makes its way into your humidor. And that’s a fair estimate. It’s also true that no other consumable product is as natural as a premium, handmade cigar. No dyes are used to alter color; no preservatives are added to extend the shelf life; and no chemicals or ripening accelerants are utilized to create flavor or color.

As such, they have a unique ability to showcase the many nuances of the tobacco plant. A rich, smooth cigar, for example, can deliver a myriad of flavors, including cocoa, nutmeg and roasted coffee. On the other hand, a full-bodied cigar can be a robust, complex blend of ligero tobaccos, which tend to be the strongest leaves on the plant. This strength can be offset with lower-priming leaves called visos and secos, which add nuanced flavors such as toasted oak and dark baking spices to the mix.

A great cigar also relies on superior construction and a well-balanced blend of ingredients. That’s why cigars like Davidoff’s Yamasa receive high marks in our blind tastings. A smooth, supple smoke with a delicate balance of earthy terroir and a hint of vanilla in the finish is the hallmark of a fine cigar.

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