PCA 2023: Artista

Ram Rodriguez talks about the recently-released Artista Midnight & Harvest, which just started shipping to stores in mid-June.

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Why Cigars Are So Popular

Cigars have been associated with high culture and are considered a classy alternative to cigarettes. They are often smoked for special occasions and can be very expensive, which can put them out of the reach of many cigar smokers. Cigars also can take a considerable amount of time to smoke, sometimes more than an hour depending on the size of the cigar. This can be a relaxing experience and an opportunity for many smokers to slow down their lives, savor the flavors, aromas, and complexities of their chosen cigar, and reflect on life.

In addition, smoking a cigar is often seen as a social activity that allows for the formation of bonds between friends or business associates. It can be a time for people to relax together and chat about whatever is on their minds. This can help build friendships and can even lead to long-term business relationships.

Another reason that cigars are popular is that they can be very enjoyable to smoke. The flavor can be complex, smooth, and full of various nuances that can vary between cigars. As a result, aficionados can become very knowledgeable about specific brands, regions, and types of tobacco, as well as the different techniques and skills used to produce them. The act of tasting and evaluating cigars can be similar to wine-tasting, and cigar enthusiasts may keep cigar journals where they note the different flavors that they observe. This can be a fun way to explore new flavors and to continue to develop your palate and appreciation for cigars.

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