Davidoff Concrete Ashtray | Review

The Davidoff Concrete Ashtray is an ashtray sold by Davidoff that is made of concrete. Offered in two-cigar ($225) and four-cigar ($270) variants, the round ashtrays debuted in 2022. Charlie Minato gives his thoughts—in under 10 minutes—about the ashtray, its patina and one sneaky feature it has.



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The Dangers of Smoking Cigars


The Dangers of Smoking Cigars

Unlike cigarettes, cigars are not inhaled into the lungs, but rather they are savored for the aroma and flavor of the tobacco. They are usually smoked during special occasions and are a classier, celebratory activity. However, it is important to know the dangers of cigar smoking. The smoke contains toxins and cancer-causing chemicals.

Cigars have been known to increase your risk of cancer of the lungs, mouth, esophagus, and larynx. Cigars are also a risk factor for heart disease. Smoking one or two cigars a day can double your risk of developing mouth cancer.

However, cigars can also be a relaxing activity. They can help you to unwind and enjoy the company of your friends.

When choosing a cigar, make sure to choose one that has been properly handmade. This will drastically affect the flavor, taste, and enjoyment of your cigar.

The cigar is made from tightly rolled, cured tobacco leaves. The filler is then blended to create a variety of flavors, strength, and aroma profiles.

The cigar’s construction is also a critical factor. Most machine-made cigars have a plastic or wood tip that helps draw smoke into the smoker’s mouth.

The tobacco leaves used for cigars are grown in Central America, the Caribbean, and Indonesia. The quality of the crop depends on the weather. If conditions are stable, a great cigar can age for decades.

The nicotine and other chemicals in cigars are known to be addictive. Smokers can develop an addiction if they smoke more than two cigars a day.

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