Cigar Of The Week: La Gloria Cubana Classic Churchill

Cigar Aficionado’s Cigar of the Week for the week of April 24. Read the full tasting note:

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How Cigars Are Made

Cigars are made from a blend of different types of tobacco leaves. These leaves are fermented, blended and cured before being rolled into cigars.

The process to make a cigar involves a lot of hands on work and is a skill in itself. Each step of the process, from preparing the tobacco to cutting to lighting and cuffing, requires attention to detail that can only be accomplished with a human hand.

A fine cigar is a natural expression of both the cigarmaker and the soil from which the tobacco was grown. No chemicals are added, no artificial color or flavor are applied, and every leaf is left intact.

Smoking a cigar can have many health benefits, including improving lung functions and decreasing the risk of cancers. But they can also cause a number of negative health effects, including emphysema and heart disease.

There are three main parts to a cigar: the wrapper, filler and binder. Each of these is a different substance, and each part has its own unique flavor profile.

Wrapper: The outermost layer of a cigar’s construction, the wrapper is made from a light-colored, smooth tobacco that offers a pleasant smoke. A finely crafted wrapper can offer a range of flavors, from citrus to leather.

Filler: The inside portion of the cigar, the filler contains the long-filler tobaccos. These long-filler leaves are typically harvested from several different countries. A high-priming filler can provide a rich, complex and intense taste.

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