Cigar Basics: The Anatomy of a Cigar- The Head, The Cap, and The Foot #shorts

Let’s dive into cigar basics with Kara and Monica with #SheSmokesToo. Today we are learning the anatomy of a cigar which consists of the head, cap, and foot.

Kara is smoking a Brick House Double Connecticut and Monica is smoking a La Unica.

Cigars Are Not a Healthy Alternative to Cigars


Cigars Are Not a Healthy Alternative to Cigars

Cigars are not a healthy alternative to cigarettes. Cigars contain additives and have high levels of nicotine. There are also other health risks associated with smoking cigarettes. In fact, they are considered to be a “tobacco product” by the World Health Organization. The tobacco used in cigars is harvested from tobacco plants.

The American Cancer Society and the Federal Trade Commission have published statistics about the risks of smoking cigars and other tobacco products. These agencies have also published nationwide labeling requirements for tobacco products. Furthermore, the American Lung Association has done analysis of the 2017 National Health Interview Survey. Although the study was conducted on a population of 250,000 government-insured individuals, the results show that smoking fewer than five cigars per day is not associated with increased risk of death.

Cigars have a long history, and are often regarded as a more sophisticated form of smoking than cigarettes. The popularity of smoking cigars has increased over time. Compared to cigarettes, cigar smoking is more common among men than among women. In fact, cigars are associated with the rich, and are often used for special occasions such as weddings.

Cigar smoking has health risks, including cancers of the esophagus, lung, and oral cavity. Cigar smokers have four to ten times the risk of developing certain types of cancer compared to cigarette smokers. Cigar smoke is more hazardous because it contains more tar and nitrosamines than cigarette smoke. It can also cause asthma attacks and damage blood vessels.

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