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Cigars and Cigar Smoking


Cigars and Cigar Smoking

Cigar tobacco is grown primarily in the Caribbean and Central America. It is also grown in Indonesia and Costa Rica. The tobacco is harvested by hand and dried in curing barns. Hand-rolled cigars require more knowledge and expertise than machine-rolled cigars. These quality-controlled processes help cigars maintain their taste and aroma.

The quality of cigars can be determined by several factors, including the type of filler tobacco used. An improperly-made cigar will not draw properly or burn properly, which will greatly affect the taste and level of enjoyment. In addition, tobacco grown in different climates produces different flavors. To get the best flavor from a cigar, the tobacco must be aged properly.

Cigar smoking is considered to be more sophisticated than smoking cigarettes, and is popular in the US. About 2.2% of adults smoke cigars. They are more popular among men than women. Cigars are seen as a symbol of status, and are often associated with rich and powerful people. Cigars have a reputation as a luxury item, and have been included in caricatures of rich people.

To combat this issue, HHS should develop surveillance and evaluation systems to monitor tobacco smoke. These systems should be specifically designed to monitor cigar types, and federal agencies should investigate cigar advertising and marketing practices. They should also develop strategies for tracking premium cigars. In addition, state and local governments should adopt clean indoor air laws.

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