PCA 2023 Preview Show #4 (10 Products We’re Looking Forward To)

Now with a new co-host!

Patrick Lagreid will fill in for Brooks Whittington today. We’ll talk about 10 products that are debuting at PCA 2023 that Patrick and Charlie Minato are interested in seeing, trying or tasting. It’s our final live show before the start of next month’s 2023 PCA Convention & Trade Show, so get your questions in.


How to Pick Out the Right Cigar For You

Cigars are handmade from tobacco leaf wrappers, binder and filler, with the cigar size based on the ring gauge (a measurement of the diameter of the stick). They are usually made up of several leaves which can be blended together in different ways to create unique flavors. The most popular types are robustos, coronas and figurados. Cigars typically have higher nicotine content than cigarettes.

Cigar smoke contains harmful chemicals that can contribute to heart disease, respiratory diseases and lung cancer. While some people think that cigar smoking is safer than cigarette smoking because it doesn’t cause inhalation, research shows that cigars can be just as addictive and can lead to the same health problems.

When it comes to picking out the right cigar for you, the key is in knowing your palate. For those who prefer a mild flavor, look for a Connecticut-wrapper cigar. These have a light, golden color and a smooth smoke. They also have a soft, buttery flavor that pairs well with coffee or chocolate.

The Foundation brand by Nicholas Melillo is another great option for a mild cigar. Their Highclere Castle cigar features a blend of Nicaraguan and Brazilian tobacco that gives the sticks an opulent and creamy smoke.

For more full-bodied cigars, try the OpusX. Released in 1995, it’s been one of the best cigars on the market since its inception, and is still treasured for the Cognac-like flavors and oily sweetness layered atop the spicy, robust binder and filler. They are a very rare cigar and can be hard to find, but they do occasionally come back in stock at retailers around Father’s Day and Christmas.

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