Take a spin around the Victor Calvo farm during Puro Sabor 2023.

During the 2023 Puro Sabor festival in Nicaragua, Patrick Lagreid got to hop in the back of an ATV for a spin around some of the farms at the Victor Calvo farms outside of Estelí. You’ll notice that one of the areas has protective screens around it so as to help minimize the impacts of the wind and sun on some newly planted crops.

Cigars – The Trendy Smoking Tobacco Product


Cigars – The Trendy Smoking Tobacco Product

Cigars are handmade products made from tobacco. There are no additives, preservatives, or artificial ingredients. The makers take care to make the best possible product.

They are a popular choice for special occasions, and often given as gifts. Cigars are similar to fine wine, and offer a sophisticated sensory experience.

A large percentage of cigar smokers in the US are men. In a recent study, more adult males reported using a cigar or a cigarette in a day than adult females. However, the rates among adult males and females differed for different age groups.

Those under 25 years old started smoking cigars at a higher rate than those over 25. Black youth used cigars at a higher rate than white youth. It is also the case that flavored cigars are more popular among the young.

In 1992, the US Census Bureau conducted a survey on the use of cigars. The result was that cigar use was framed as a trendy habit, and did not appear to pose a significant health risk.

In May 2016, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) deemed that the manufacture of cigars required a regulated process. Tobacco products that fail to meet these criteria must be withdrawn from the market.

The FDA has a responsibility to regulate the parts, components, and marketing of tobacco products. But it has yet to implement age verification requirements.

Among adults 35 and older, cigar smoking is estimated to cause 9,000 premature deaths. This translates into about 140,000 years of potential life lost.

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