She Smokes Too Presented by J.C. Newman Cigar Co. Season 2 | Episode 6 | 5 Q’s with Rojo Corojo

Monica and Kara had a surprise guest pop in to the El Reloj Cigar Factory in Tampa, Florida! Our new friend, Rojo Corojo joins us for a morning chat over cafe con leche and Perla del Mar Corojo cigars as we dive into 5 questions about her time in the cigar industry.

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The Social Benefits of Smoking Cigars

Cigars are often associated with a certain level of class and royalty and many people enjoy smoking them because it helps relax the mind and gives one a sense of inner peace. However, there are other reasons to smoke cigars which include the fact that they are a social activity and it is very common for friends to sit around and have a few drinks or cigars together. This can help to build close and lasting relationships.

Whether they’re hand-rolled or manufactured, cigars are a popular and classic gift item for friends and family members to mark special occasions. They’re commonly gifted at bachelor parties, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and more. In addition, they’re also a popular gift item for groomsmen. Like flasks and cufflinks, they’re a great way to give your friends a nice little token of appreciation for the support that they provide you with throughout life.

As with other tobacco products, cigars come with their own health risks, but they can be a much less harmful alternative to cigarettes when smoked responsibly. This is because the tobacco used to make cigars is often cured using low-temperatures which can be healthier than the high-temperatures traditionally employed in the production of cigarettes.

However, it’s important to note that the overall mortality risk of cigar smokers is still higher than never-smokers and that cancer risks – particularly lung, throat, and bladder – are significantly higher in exclusive cigar smokers than never-users. Additionally, cigar smoking can cause a variety of respiratory problems in children and adolescents who are exposed to secondhand smoke.

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