PCA 2023 Preview Show #1 (12:00 P.M. CDT)

Today at noon Central Time (1 p.m. EDT, 10:00 a.m. PDT), Brooks and Charlie Minato will host the first of our live shows previewing the upcoming 2023 PCA Convention & Trade Show, the cigar industry’s most important event. This show will serve as an overview of what PCA 2023 is, why you should or shouldn’t care about it, and we’ll go over some of the more noticeable changes for this year’s trade show. In addition, we are going to preview 10 new products that will debut in and around PCA 2023.


How to Select a Cigar

Cigars are a pleasure to smoke, and their enjoyment can have less to do with nicotine reward and more to do with many sensory perceptions that can be enjoyed. A well-selected cigar can be a comforting, relaxing experience and can help people unwind from stressful situations. They can also be an opportunity for similar-minded people to gather, relax and talk together, which can be beneficial for establishing business connections or personal friendships.

When choosing a cigar, the first thing to consider is size and shape. There are more than 550 different brands of cigars from different countries and regions, which can make the selection process overwhelming for some. A great place to start is with the person behind the counter at your local cigar shop, who can provide a crash course in cigars for newcomers or can give you suggestions based on your preferences.

The next step is deciding what type of flavor you like – mild, medium or full-bodied. Mild sticks are great for newcomers or experienced cigar smokers who are looking to take it easy, while a medium strength is often preferred by most cigar consumers and is considered the best all-around strength. Full-bodied cigars are typically reserved for more advanced smokers and can be very intense in both taste and feel.

After selecting the perfect cigar, it’s important to light it properly. This requires a proper cigar cutter and positioning the flame source a few inches away from the foot of the cigar so that it burns evenly. During the smoking session, it’s recommended to not inhale the smoke, as this can lead to coughing and could potentially cause lung damage. The smoke from a cigar is thicker than that of a cigarette and is meant to be chewed on rather than inhaled.

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