PCA 2023: Gran Habano

Gran Habano owner George Rico tells us a little bit about the El Enemigo, which soft-launched earlier this year.

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The Benefits of Smoking a Cigar

Cigars are handmade, premium products that showcase the skills and craftsmanship of the cigar maker. Often, it’s said that more than 200 pairs of hands touch a single cigar before it is sent to a smoker’s humidor. These skilled artisans create distinctive strength, aroma and flavor profiles for a variety of branded cigars.

Unlike cigarettes, cigars don’t contain any chemicals or other additives that alter the raw materials’ natural appearance, burn, flavor and aroma. This naturalness makes cigars unique and a natural expression of both the cigarmaker’s skill and the soil where the tobacco was grown.

A cigar’s taste depends on the type of tobacco, its growing environment and the blends and primings used to achieve desired strength, aroma and complexity. It also can be influenced by the wrapper, and its color, scent, feel and burn are all important characteristics of a cigar.

Smoking a cigar can be a relaxing and enjoyable pastime for many individuals. It can also be an opportunity for like-minded people to come together and enjoy each other’s company, fostering camaraderie, friendships, and even business associations.

In a stark contrast to historic portrayals of cigar smoking as a luxurious hobby and a status symbol, the use of cigars has been shown to be less expensive than many other popular leisure activities and can provide an excellent source of income for many families. Additionally, a recent study found that cigar smokers have better responses to the drug clopidogrel, which inhibits blood clot formation in coronary arteries and can prevent heart attacks and strokes.

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