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While there are plenty of plastic lighters with large fuel tanks and push-down ignitions priced around $15, there’s not a wide range of more mature looking lighters. Quality Importers Trading Co. has transformed the Palió brand into a more affordable alternative to its XIKAR brand and the Lazio continues the trend. It’s a single-flame lighter with a flip-top lid, side ignition and a large fuel window. There’s one major trick up its sleeve: the flame is angled.


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Factors That Determine the Strength of a Cigar


Factors That Determine the Strength of a Cigar

Generally, a cigar is a tube-shaped product of tobacco, rolled tightly around a bunch of leaves. Its construction and strength are the most important factors that determine its taste and enjoyment. The best cigars are natural expressions of the cigar maker’s skill and care.

The tobacco used for cigars is grown in Central and South America, Indonesia, and the Caribbean. It starts out as a tiny seed, which is cultivated in greenhouses or field.

The tobacco is then harvested by hand when the leaf is at its full height. It is then hung in a curing barn for drying. The finished cigars are then sorted for color consistency.

A good cigar may be sorted into more than 20 shades. The color is achieved through an organic process. It is free of dyes and preservatives, and does not contain artificial sweeteners.

The best cigars age well, providing a mellower, more refined experience. Depending on the cigar’s age and conditions, they can last for decades.

The colour of the wrapper leaf is not a good indication of strength. The leaf must be smooth and silky, with a pleasant flavour. It also must have good burning properties.

The size of the cigar is another factor. Most cigar smokers know whether they want a mild or strong cigar. A thin cigar, like a panatela, is usually 5 inches long. A larger cigar, like a cheroot, is usually thicker and sometimes tapered.

Unlike cigarettes, which are rolled with additives, cigars are rolled by hand. Hand-rolled cigars require special expertise and care to achieve a consistently high-quality product.

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